15.09. bis 8.10. 2023

The Festival

© Graham Hains

Asia is booming in Berlin. And not just in certain neighborhoods, but all around: Sushi and Pho on every corner; Yoga, Judo and Jiu Jitsu; from kindergartens to the office to senior meet-ups; K-Pop and Gangnam Style in clubs; exhibitions and pop-up events in every neighborhood... It's become so commonplace that we hardly notice it anymore. The arts of Asia have long been mingling into Berlin's vibrant amalgam of creativity. What's remarkable about it: Many artists of Asian descent are active in several art genres and cultural fields at the same time: they are novelists, painters, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and poets, graphic designers, performers and sculptors, food designers and fashion designers, and much more – simultaneously, side by side, interconnected with one another. Two years ago, Vietnamese friends of our association suggested we establish a suitable stage for these cross-genre phenomena and give them the attention they deserve – the Berlin Asia Arts Club was founded to regularly present Asian Berliners and their arts at the Novilla. On the initiative of the Berlin Asia Arts Club, we are now launching our festival, which offers this lively Berlin scene and its specific artistic themes and aspects with all their potential a suitable stage: the BERLIN ASIA ARTS FESTIVAL. All upcoming events are described in detail here on this website under PROGRAM under the respective dates with all information and details. The biographies of all guest artists are linked under GUESTS.

More than 80 Asian artists will participate in this festival and eagerly await engaging with one another: From September 15 to October 8, 2023, at our main venue, the moving poets NOVILLAmoving poets NOVILLA Cultural Center (Hasselwerderstr. 22, directly on the banks of the Spree River), an art exhibition of paintings, graphics, sculptures and installations will form the basis for cross-genre performances, workshops, readings, film screenings, panels, performances and concerts. The program of these three weeks has been designed collaboratively by our curators and their friends - concepts, ideas and suggestions come from the Asian Berliners and their friends themselves. The BERLIN ASIA ARTS FESTIVAL offers a stage for the Asian artists and arts of Berlin and all those interested in them - without pigeonholes and blinders, in direct encounters and discoveries with a workshop and dialogue character.  The BERLIN ASIA ARTS Festival focuses on the interconnections and discourses of the local Asian and Asian-related cultural scenes of the artists and arts of the Far East, who are influential in our city but often exoticized: here they themselves have their say. While the younger ones in particular have increasingly joined forces in artistic initiatives in recent years, networked with each other and become more and more visible, our festival aims to bring these artists and the broad Berlin public together. Direct cooperation between all artists and open dialogues with active audience participation are the basic principles of the festival. Mutual respect and recognition of different identities and positions, equality and solidarity are the basis of our festival.

The Curators

Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Designer, artist and cultural mediator. Founder of the design studio "Studio Wu 無" with a focus on "Intercultural Design".

Dang Lanh Hoang

Dr. Đăng Lãnh Hoàng

Đăng Lãnh Hoàng is a scientist, author and translator from Vietnam. He came to the GDR as a chemist in the late 1980s and was a research associate in Berlin and Rostock until 2014.

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Hằng Thị Yến Hoàng

Hang Thi Yen Hoang, born and raised in Vietnam, is a translator and interpreter.

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Martin Jankowski
Project lead

Martin Jankowski is a Berlin-based writer, directs various international cultural projects and festivals.

Lutz Längert

Lutz Längert is a Berlin-based cultural worker, long-time producer of art and cultural projects, and program coordinator of Moving Poets Novilla.

The Organizers

Joey Bahlsen - Programm

Joey Bahlsen - Production

Chiara Schimpe - Presse

Chiara Schippe - Press

Lars Jongeblod - Produktion

Lars Jongeblod - Management

Julia Schonlau - Design

Birger Hoyer - Redaktion

Birger Hoyer - Editorial Office

Livia Fiebrant - Praktikantin

Livia Fiebrandt - Intern

Graham Hains - Fotograf

Graham Hains - Photographer

Moritz Gause - Intern

Binh Hoang - Webentwicklung

Lisa The -

Daniel Tilmans - Intern

Ricarda Becker - Praktikantin