15.09. bis 8.10. 2023
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Gülnisa Erdal 古 莉 尼 萨·厄 达 尔

Prof. Dr. Gülnisa Erdal is a Uyghur of Chinese nationality and currently lives in Berlin. She has been active as a writer for many years.

Beate Gatscha und Gert Anklam

Liquid Soul

Ensemble and sound workshop from Berlin-Köpenick led by Beate Gatscha and Gert Anklam.

Dorothea Rosa Herliany

Poet, teacher, journalist and publisher. Her poems have been translated numerously and published worldwide.

Tsou Yung-Shan

Tsou Yung-Shan 鄒永珊

Writer and artist whose work includes graphic art, manuscript and book art in addition to novels.

Lotus Ensemble

Vietnamese music ensemble around Phuong Hoa Tran and Manh Hung Le – touring international stages since 2000.

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Herlambang Aji Bayu

Herlambang Bayu Aji is a painter and shadow play artist. He was born in Sukarta and lives in Berlin since 2010.

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Maki Shimizu 清水麻紀

Maki Shimizu is a Japanese comic artist and has been living in Berlin as a freelance artist and illustrator since 2006.

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Lili Yuan 袁麗莉

Lili Yuan is a freelance painter with a focus on Chinese ink painting. She is also active as an author and leader of seminars and in her own studio.

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Sonny Thet & Cathrin Pfeifer

Musical duo of cellist, composer and music educator Sonny Thet and accordionist Cathrin Pfeiffer.

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Yaxin Yang

Yaxin Yang is an illustrator and cookbook author.

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Takeo Oshima 大島 健夫

Slam poet from Japan. Participant in numerous international festivals.

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Pandit Radheshyam Sharma

The percussionist from Delhi is a Pakhāwaj artist of the Nathdwara tradition.

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Yōko Tawada 多和田 葉子

Award-winning writer who writes in German as well as Japanese.

Veronika Radulovic

Artist, author and art mediator - especially between Germany and Vietnam.


A Berlin-based artist collective from the Indonesian diaspora that operates at the intersection of art and activism.

Tenzin Peljor

Buddhist Monk.

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Yang Liang 杨炼

Poet, novelist and essayist.

Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Designer, artist and cultural mediator. Founder of the design studio "Studio Wu 無" with a focus on "Intercultural Design".

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Jan Wagner

Renowned poet, translator and essayist.

Ruirui Ye 叶睿睿

She is a musician and plays the traditional vault board zither (古筝).

Mio Okido

Interdisciplinary artist exploring memory culture, national identity, and the impact of historical tragedies on human communities.

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Geling Yan 嚴歌苓

Yan Geling is a Chinese-American novelist and screenwriter.


Tao Hai Yue 陶海悦

Tao Hai Yue is an artist who works with media such as painting, sculpture and heterogeneous installations.


A Berlin-based Japanese neo-folk fusion band. The band combines traditional Japanese folk music with elements of blues, jazz and film music.

Lawrence Walker

Translator and former US diplomat.

Andreas Guder 顾 安 达

Sinologist and Professor of Chinese Didactics and Chinese Language and Literature at the FU Berlin.

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Weng Xinyu 翁昕煜

Product designer, co-founder of the design studio YUUE

MyLoan Dinh

Vietnamese-American multidisciplinary artist, co-founder of the moving poets project.

Ma Thida

Burmese surgeon, writer and human rights activist.

Brad Hwang

Artist known for his innovative sculptures and installations.

Tian Gao

Dancer and chorographer.

Ensemble INklang

Ensemble that reinterprets traditional Korean music in a contemporary context.

Norio Takasugi

Contemporary artist, in Berlin since 2004.

Wang Lan

Berlin-based artist with roots in the Miao culture of China, working with ink painting and and textile design.

Ariel William Orah

Berlin based artist, musician and cultural activist.


Chinese artist and writer.

Đặng Ngọc Long

Concert guitarist, composer and actor.

Lukas Horn

Designer and Typographer.

Angela Köckritz

Book author and journalist.

Echo Tang

Film curator and found of the collective CiLENS.

Katja Hellkötter

Cofounder and curator of C*SPACE Berlin co-working and creative space.

Wang Ge


Nora Wölfing

Art historian, sinologist, journalist and curator.

Farah Hazim

Sound artist.


Performer and Musician.

Susanne Becker-Gonnella

Conference Interpreter.

Lưu Bích Ngọc

Culture creator.


Musik: Wanchen Hsieh, Claudia Other, Dorisz Batka und Matthias Wagner.

Morgan Sully

Musiker und Kurator.

Zoncy Heavenly

Interdisciplinary artist and feminist activist.

Hany Tea

Interdisciplinary artist and sound researcher.

Dea Karina

Sound researcher.

Franziska von Stenglin

Künstlerin und Filmemacherin.

Mon Sisu Satrawaha

Interdisziplinäre Künstlerin/Kuratorin.

Yuko Matsuyama

Performing-Arts Künstlerin.

Ceren Oykut


Nicolas Schulze

Pianist und Komponist.

Christiane Voigt

Hörbuchsprecherin, Autorin und Ausdruckstänzerin.


Multidisciplinary performer, theater artist, poet and community organizer.

Promona Sengupta

Artist, academic, activist and curator.

Ming Poon

Choreographer and artist.

Hanwen Zhang

Curator and artist.

Ken Yamamoto


Tusa Montes

Percussionist, ethno-musicologist, and pedagogue.

Alexandre Decoupigny

Musician, composer and soundartist.

Kantatach Kittikhun

Works interdisciplinary in the fields of music, photography, design and media.

Michal Hirsch

Michal Hirsch is a dancer, choreographer and teacher for Contemporary Dance and Improvisation

Ravi Srinivasan


Umi Maisaroh

Performer and author.


Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Yi Meng Wu 吳禕萌

Designer, artist and cultural mediator. Founder of the design studio "Studio Wu 無" with a focus on "Intercultural Design".

Dang Lanh Hoang

Đăng Lãnh Hoàng

Promovierter Wissenschaftler, Autor und Übersetzer aus Vietnam. Kam Ende der 80erjahre als Chemiker in die DDR und war bis 2014 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in Berlin und Rostock.

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Hằng Thị Yến Hoàng

Hang Thi Yen Hoang, born and raised in Vietnam, is a translator and interpreter.

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Martin Jankowski

Berliner Schriftsteller, leitet verschiedene internationale Kulturprojekte und Festivals.

Lutz Längert

Produzent von Kunst- und Kulturprojekten, Leiter der moving poets Novilla.