15.09. bis 8.10. 2023

The Festival

Many Berlin artists of Asian origin are multidisciplinary. At the suggestion of our Vietnamese friends, we have been presenting them together for two years in our Berlin Asia Arts Club at the moving poets Novilla. This year we came up with something special: From 09.15.23 to 10.8.23 the BERLIN ASIA ARTS FESTIVAL took place, offering a fitting stage for this lively Berlin scene and its specific artistic themes and aspects, with all their potential: with exhibition, readings, panels, music, film and dance performances. All 44 events of this festival as well as numerous selected photos by Graham Hains can be found on this website (for further material see the Facebook account of the Berlin Asia Arts Club): We thank all partners, supporters and artists for this successful joint project! The Berlin Asia Arts Club will be continued as a series of events in the coming year.